BPO Services

We are a services company from San Jose, CA with over 14 years of experience in the BPO industry providing back office services to our various clients. We are currently serving over 35 clients that are spread across the country and our office in India currently accommodates 155 executives dedicated to the respective clients.

What We Do

  • We provide resources for back office work for a reasonable price that will bring cost effectiveness to our clients.
  • The clients will have the full authority to hire, fire and manage the resources.
  • The clients will assign the job duties and responsibilities to its resources.
  • The executive shall work as per the time zone or specified times by the clients.
  • The security is 100% assured and the full access of the PC is with the client and CCTV access to monitor the resource shall be provided.
  • The client only pays per month per resource which includes all the services such as phone line, internet, computer etc.

Who can be our client

Our prospective clients could be from any domain where there is opportunity to virtually assist the onsite office and can be helpful in offloading the work of onsite. We can explain more in detail on a short call and do not hesitate to let us know for any questions.

Value added services

We can provide the resource for free for first 15 days to try and take it forward.

The back office executive can assist the onsite office in many ways such as:

  • Make calls - Receive calls
  • Reply Emails - Send Emails
  • Market research - Compile reports
  • Other administrative job, Appointmnet scheduling, Data entry etc.

Offshore Software Development

At Platinus Technologies, we strive to understand changing customer needs. We aim to make our customers lives easier by simply making technology usable. We are proud to have solid Information Systems Professionals, who equipped with world class tools, study, design, develop, enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support various aspects of Information Technology. We have the expertise solutions with experience to help you cut costs significantly without impacting product quality or delivery schedules.

Platinus Technologies is committed to provide ever increasing levels of customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality in software development, e-commerce solutions, web site design and other IT enabled services.

We believe that the success of an organization is derived from the vision of its leadership and effectiveness of its members.

Platinus Technologies’s offshore software development center in India provides the resources to meet today’s demand for highly skilled IT personnel with staff who excel in connectivity, development services and offshore development. Platinus can draw on a flexible infrastructure and qualified, highly motivated specialists at any time from our offshore facility. Our India-based staff is well acquainted with the kind of quality American and European companies require. Platinus applies the highest of quality standards to all the services we provide.

Our Services include

  • Custom Application & Product Development
  • Resourcing & Staffing
  • Specialized Testing / Quality Assurance Services
  • Professional Web Site Design Services

Contact Us

Phone :  +91-040-3051 9000
                +91-040-4856 6111
Fax      :  +91-040-3051 9002
Email  :  info@platinustech.com

News Updates

  • Platinus Technologies has motivated and highly skilled employees.
  • Platinus has more than 160 satisfied Clientele spread across entire USA

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