HT(I)D & DID Models

Hire – Train – Intern – Deploy Model: This program is exclusively designed for our precious customers on their manpower need. 

Given the ever-increasing demand for quality talent, there is a significant need to create a talent pool that will be equipped with the requisite expertise, and be technically and professionally prepared to join the highly specialized workforce. Talent shortages challenge employers around the globe. Companies under incredible pressure to keep up with growing demand—but all too often the available talent lacks the technical training and soft skills employers need now. Through HT(I)D | Hire-Train-Intern-Deploy program, Platinus is addressing that skills shortage and helping people from all walks of life skill up and position themselves for success.

We are a culture of learning. We don’t value experience over ability to learn.

HT(I)D (Hire - Train - Intern - Deploy) Model

This program is exclusively designed for our precious customers on their manpower need.
1. Understanding the Customer Need.
2. Hiring the best candidate through finest screening process.
3. Training on sophisticated Environment
4. Making candidates as Intern & enrich their experience with our on-going projects
5. Deploy to customer

DID Model (Direct Intern Deploy)

In this model, after enhancing the candidate's experience through internship program, we deploy to several clients according to their needs.
This program is specially designed to enrich the experience of candidate and to get ready the candidate according to client immediate deliverable expectations.
We provide cost-effective skilled people those who results in a timely, efficient, empirical return to work for our clients.

Benefits - recruiting interns

Interns' goals are generally to gain valuable work experience, in an industry that interests them. Interns are an inexpensive way to try out new talent – they often work for little or no money.
Interns usually work very hard – they want an opportunity to show off their talent. If you're thinking about offering internship opportunities in your organization, contact us.

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